Cloud Platform

Onboarding to Cloud Platform

Onboarding overview

Onboarding for new Cloud Platform customers is delivered through Acquia Academy.

With Acquia’s self-paced electronic learning program, you can:

  • Gain familiarity with this product on your own schedule.

  • Develop the skills required to implement Cloud Platform.

Onboarding resources

The following resources are available to support you during your onboarding:

Planning for success

Acquia has identified that successful Cloud Platform implementations have alignment across the project team and organization. Acquia suggests that you identify personnel for the following roles:

  • Executive Sponsor: Provides the vision and acts as the primary stakeholder for the success of the Cloud Platform implementation.

  • Project Manager: Facilitates and tracks the progress of the implementation, and acts as the primary point of contact.

  • Technical Subject Matter Expert: Assists with technical decisions, access, or other technical implementation details.

Customer preparation

The Cloud Platform onboarding is effective if you:

  • Articulate your goals for using Cloud Platform: If you know why you are implementing Cloud Platform, and what business challenges you want to solve, you can configure your system properly to solve such challenges.

  • Identify all participants who will require onboarding training: Identify the project participants and Cloud Platform administrators who need access to the Cloud Platform e-learning resources.

  • Identify technical subject matter experts: Identify technical SMEs who can assist with technical decisions, including but not limited to DNS, SSL, security, and caching.

Onboarding checklist

Complete the checklist in Preparing for a successful launch as you navigate your onboarding. For assistance with any of the checklist items, you can create a Support ticket.

Additional support

Acquia offers enhanced support and guidance through additional paid services for those who seek additional individual instruction and guidance with Cloud Platform, including:

  • Acquia Technical Account Managers (TAM) provide you with guidance, best practices, training, and recommendations. Optionally, they can offer consultation about the general creation, deployment, and operation of websites on Cloud Platform. This is in addition to Drupal expertise. For more information, see Technical Account Managers.

  • Acquia Professional Services engagements provide you additional support if you need further assistance when starting with Cloud Platform, including:

If you need additional onboarding assistance, contact your Acquia account manager for additional information about the services available to you.