Cloud Platform

Assisted migration engagement

You might need to move the content of a Cloud Platform application in one subscription to an application in another subscription to which you have access. You can leverage Acquia’s paid engagement program to do the migration activity for you or migrate the content yourself.

Migrating a website with Acquia

Migrating an application can be a complicated process. If you require assistance or if you need to accomplish specific tasks (such as moving an application from one site group to another), see Assisted migration engagement or contact Acquia to scope an engagement.

Migrating a website yourself

Before migrating an application’s content in one subscription to an application in another subscription, review Planning migrations based on governance.


It is not possible to completely move an application or website from one Cloud Platform site group to another site group.

When you are ready to begin the migration process for your files and other data, see the procedures on the following pages: