Cloud API authentication

All Cloud API calls (whether in a RESTful API call or in a Drush Cloud command) need to be authenticated in order to work. You authenticate a call using your user name (the email address with which you sign in to Acquia) and a private key that you can find on your Acquia Profile page.

To find your private key, just click here, enter your Acquia password, and then look under Cloud API for Private key. Or, to navigate your way there, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface using your email address and Acquia password.
  2. Click your name in the upper left corner, and then click Edit profile.

    Edit your profile

  3. On the Profile page, click Credentials, and then enter your Acquia password.

    Profile Credentials page

  4. Under Cloud API, click Show, and then copy your private key.

You can change your Cloud API private key at any time by clicking Regenerate private key.

Authenticating in Cloud API RESTful interface calls

Each Cloud API call has a required username and password argument, in the format user:password. Use the email address in your Acquia profile for the username, and the Cloud API private key in your Acquia profile for the password.

Authenticating in Drush Cloud commands

To use Drush Cloud commands, download the Acquia Cloud Drush integration, as described in Using Drush aliases.
Your Cloud API credentials are included in the download, in the .acquia/cloudapi.conf file.

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