Signing in to the Acquia Cloud interface

The Acquia Cloud interface provides a set of tools that you can use to manage your Acquia Cloud applications. These tools are available by signing in at:

Using the toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the webpage provides the following options:

Cloud Applications page

  • Develop – The Applications page, where you can manage your Acquia Cloud applications and their infrastructure (code, environments, servers, databases, and more).
  • Manage – The Organizations page, where you can manage the teams, team members, roles, and permissions that govern access to your Acquia Cloud applications. You can also view information about your Acquia subscriptions.
  • Help – A link to the Acquia Help Center, which gives you access to Acquia product documentation and to Acquia Support and TAM tickets.
  • Product picker – The Product picker Product picker icon icon displays sign-in links to multiple Acquia products.
  • [your profile picture] – Manage your Acquia profile.

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