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Using different Drush versions in containers

As Acquia Cloud containers support several versions of Drush, Acquia Cloud provides a set of aliases you can use to access specific Drush major versions for your use.

To run a specific version of Drush, specify the major version in the drush command. For example:

  • Drush 8: drush8
  • Drush 7: drush7
  • Drush 6: drush6

To run the default version of Drush (which is Drush in Acquia Cloud containers) use the drush command.

Note for pipelines feature users

Acquia strongly recommends you always run a specific major version of Drush. Running the default version of Drush is dangerous because the behavior of your build definition file may change when a new version of Drush becomes the default.

Using Drush 9 with your container

Drush 9 isn’t installed in your Acquia Cloud-supplied container. If you want to use Drush 9 with your application, you must include it as a requirement in your application’s composer.json file.