Importing applications using the Acquia Connector

One method of importing an existing application to Acquia Cloud is to use the Acquia Connector. This is a simple method, but works best for applications that are under 1 GB in size.

Before you begin

Importing your application

To migrate your application to Acquia Cloud using the Acquia Connector:

  1. Sign in to your Drupal application as an administrator.
  2. Open the Acquia settings page, where [server_URL] is your application's URL.
    • Drupal 8.x - Go to http://[server_URL]/admin/config/system/acquia-connector
    • Drupal 7.x - Go to http://[server_URL]/admin/config/system/acquia-agent
  3. In the Acquia Cloud Migrate section, click Migrate.

    Migrate button

  4. To start the import process, click Migrate again. Acquia Cloud begins to import your application into your Acquia Cloud Development environment.

    Importing an application takes a few minutes (or more, if the application is large). The Acquia Cloud interface reports when the import task is complete. When the import task is done, move on to the next step.

  5. To ensure that Acquia Cloud imported your application correctly, sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface, go to the Development environment page, and then click the URL link.

    URL link to visit your new application

After Acquia Cloud imports your codebase, files and database, it adds the include statement to the application's settings.php file so that your code can access the correct database.

To start developing your application on Acquia Cloud, check out a local copy of the repository using Git or Subversion (SVN).

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