About Cloud Service Management plans

Acquia Cloud Enterprise includes Cloud Service Management (CSM) as an optional part of new Medium and Large Acquia Cloud Enterprise subscriptions, providing you with direct control of the scaling of your Acquia Cloud-hosted application. Note that this feature does not affect the monitoring that Acquia does on its own to monitor the health of the Acquia Cloud managed application stack, and Acquia Support can continue to perform emergency scaling as needed.

Acquia Cloud customers with Cloud Service Management enabled can view statistics for CPU utilization, memory utilization, and PHP process count in the Acquia Cloud management interface. The management console will also display PHP Max Children Reached error messages. By combining information about your website's performance during peak traffic periods with PHP Max Children Reached errors, you can determine if you should scale up your web tier.

When you scale up a production environment, you will be billed at the daily rate for a temporary increase until you scale the environment back to its minimum size. If you want to permanently increase your minimum size, contact your Account Manager; the change will be billed at the annual rate until the end of your contract term.


Cloud Service Management packages for Acquia Cloud Enterprise include the following features:

Feature Amount
Acquia Cloud CD development environments One per application, up to the maximum number of supported applications
Staging environments One per application
Production environments One per application
Production file storage 120GB shared across all applications
Production database storage 100GB shared across all applications
Staging file storage 120GB shared across all applications
Staging database storage 100GB shared across all applications
Access to the Acquia Cloud pipelines feature, a continuous integration and continuous delivery tool  


Cloud Service Management is incompatible with the following products and features:

  • Scaling changes cannot be scheduled
  • Elastic IP (EIP) addresses to support IP whitelisting
  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory
  • Dedicated cron and memcache servers
  • PCI support
  • HIPAA support
  • Acquia Cloud Edge or SecureVPN
  • Multi-region failover
  • Apache's mod_proxy module
  • Custom server configuration settings, including mod_proxy and memcached sizes greater than 64MB

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