Using Git

Git is the version control system available for use with Acquia Cloud. Use the following information to help you use Git to manage your Acquia Cloud code repository.

Downloading a Git client

You will need a Git client installed on your local system in order to interact with the code repository using Git.

To download a Git client, use the method based on your operating system:

Basic Git commands

You can find some basic Git commands, customized for your Acquia Cloud application, in the Acquia Cloud interface:

  1. Sign into the Acquia Cloud interface and select your application.
  2. Click Application info:

    Application Info icon

The Application Information panel displays basic Git commands for your application that you can use to clone a repository, stage modified files, commit changes, and push local commits to a remote repository. You can click the Copy Copy icon icon to copy a command to your clipboard and then paste it into an SSH session.

You can also find procedures to help you get started with Git in Checking out a local copy of your code and Sending updates to your code repository.

Finding help for Git

For more information about how to use Git, see the following online resources:

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