Using Subversion (SVN)

While Git is the recommended version control system for use with Acquia Cloud, using Apache Subversion (SVN) is also supported. Use the following information to help you use SVN to manage your Acquia Cloud code repository.


Acquia Cloud requires TLS v1.1 or greater for SSL to connect with an Acquia Cloud code repository. Although SVN version 1.8 or greater may include TLS v1.1 (allowing connectivity to your repository), earlier versions generally used TLS v1.0, which is not supported by Acquia Cloud.

You can determine which version of SVN you are using with this command:

svn --version --quiet

For more information, see Apache Subversion Binary Packages on the Apache Subversion website.

Downloading an SVN client

In a browser, go to the Apache Subversion website to download SVN, view the installation instructions, and find links to GUI tools.

Accessing your SSH keys

If your application contains svn in its server name, Acquia Cloud will display Users & Keys in the menu to the left of the application detail page. Use this link to access the legacy keys interface and your SVN SSH keys.

Finding help for SVN

For information about how to use SVN, see:

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