Acquia Cloud for Partners

Approved Acquia partners may be eligible for Please Replace These Missing Tokens, a special free offering of Acquia Cloud. For more details, see the Acquia Cloud for Partners FAQ.

What is Acquia Cloud for Partners?

Acquia Cloud for Partners is a free Acquia Cloud Professional developer subscription that includes Development, Staging, and Production environments. This means that Acquia partners can build and deploy live end-user websites on Acquia Cloud.

With Please Replace These Missing Tokens, you get the following:

  • A free Acquia Cloud subscription with a c3.large server instance, with 7 ECUs, 2 CPUs, 3.75 GB of RAM, and 25 GB of storage
  • Your choice of a single region:
    • USA
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Singapore


Acquia provides Acquia Cloud for Partners as a free service to its partners, with the following limitations:

  • You cannot purchase or use application support tickets. You can use platform tickets normally.
  • You cannot cancel your Acquia Cloud for Partners subscription.
  • You cannot resize your Acquia Cloud for Partners server instance. If you need to increase the size of your instance, you must convert to a paid Acquia Cloud Professional or Acquia Cloud Enterprise subscription. You can configure your server instance to select a different PHP version. If you need to relaunch, reboot, or suspend your server instance, you must contact Acquia Support.
  • The Acquia Cloud interface may display an error if you try to add more than 15 applications to your Acquia Cloud for Partners server instance. If you need to create more applications than this, open a ticket with Acquia Support. Depending on the nature of your applications, 15 applications may be far more than the instance can handle.
  • You cannot transfer ownership of an Acquia Cloud for Partners website, unless you convert it into a paid Acquia Cloud subscription. See How to upgrade Acquia Cloud for Partners.

How to get Acquia Cloud for Partners

Acquia partners can complete the following steps to obtain Acquia Cloud for Partners:

  1. Complete the request form. An Acquia Partner Development Representative will contact you.
  2. After you have been approved, sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface, and then click Add Application.
  3. Click Add your free Acquia Cloud for Partners site, set your site name and region, and then click Add.

Acquia will then provision your new Acquia Cloud for Partners application.

How to upgradeAcquia Cloud for Partners

If you are using Acquia Cloud for Partners to develop an Acquia Cloud website for a client, you typically want to transfer control of the website to the client once your development job is complete. You cannot, however, transfer ownership of your free Acquia Cloud for Partners website.

Instead, you need to convert it into a paid Acquia Cloud subscription with a new organization owner. To do this, you must ensure that the end user has set up a credit card with Acquia. Contact your Partner Development Representative for more details.

Contact supportStill need assistance? Contact Acquia Support