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Managing applications with the Acquia Cloud interface

Click Develop in the Acquia Cloud interface toolbar to view the Applications page. The Applications page displays all of the applications that you have access to that are hosted on Acquia Cloud.

Modifying views of applications

Click the grid or list icons to switch between:

  • Grid view - Displays a tile for each application with its name and URL
  • List view - Lists each application with its name and URL

Choose list or grid view of your applications

You can also use the Filter Applications field to the right of the grid and list icons to limit which applications are displayed. Start typing in the field, and the Applications page will display only those applications whose names match the string that you enter. You can also use ‘or’ as an operator to use more than one filter.

Acquia Cloud will display one or more badges for each application, which indicates the application’s type and subscription level. For more information about badges, see Working with environments.

Using the Applications page

The Applications page provides the following features to help you manage your applications:

  • Click the application name (or, in grid view, Manage) to work with the application’s environments.
  • Click the application’s URL to visit the application in a new browser window.

Adding applications

Click Add Application to add a new application to one of your existing Acquia Cloud subscriptions or purchase an additional Acquia Cloud Professional subscription.

Renaming applications

To change the name of an existing application, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Acquia Cloud interface, select the application.

  2. In the upper right of the webpage, click Rename.

    Renaming an application

  3. Enter the new name for the application, and then click Rename application.

Deleting applications

You cannot delete applications from the Acquia Cloud interface. If there are applications that you want to remove, contact Acquia Support to have them remove the applications from Acquia Cloud.

Obtaining your subscription’s application ID

Occasionally, your use of Acquia Cloud may require you to provide your application’s unique identifier—this may be referred to as the UUID for the subscription, or the Application_ID. Use the following method to locate your application’s ID:

  1. Sign in to Acquia Cloud.

  2. Select the subscription for which you want the ID.

  3. Examine the Acquia Cloud webpage’s URL in your browser’s address bar, which should appear similar to the following value:[string]

    The [string] is your application’s UUID.

This ID may be used with methods in the Acquia Cloud API, and with other development applications that can use it for identifying a particular application to read or modify.