Working with environments

The Environments page for an application displays each of the application's environments. For each environment, it displays controls and information about the environment's code, databases, and files.

About environments

Acquia Cloud uses separate environments in order to help you maintain a clear and orderly workflow as you develop, test, and publish your applications. An application is deployed on each of its environments, but each environment may be in a different state, with its own database and possibly a different code branch or tag deployed. Each environment has a URL at which its application can be viewed, but only the Production environment's URL is designed to be visible to the application's users (website visitors).

How many environments your application has depends on the level of your Acquia subscription.

Environment Acquia Cloud Enterprise Acquia Cloud Professional Acquia Cloud Free
Development (Dev) Yes Yes Yes
Staging (Stage) Yes Yes Yes
Production (Prod) Yes Yes No
Additional environments Yes No No

Managing environments

From an application's Environments page, click the name of an environment to open its Overview page. From the Overview page for an environment, you can:

Filtering environments

If you have many environments, you can use the Filter Environments field on the Applications > Environments page to find the environment that you want to work with.

Start typing in the Filter Environments field; only environments whose names match your filter string will be displayed on the Environments page. Clear the Filter Environments field to once more display all of the environments of your application.

Renaming an environment

By default, an application has three environments named Dev, Stage, and Prod. You can rename your environments to whatever you want. Environment names must be unique within an application. To rename an environment:

  1. On the Overview page, click Rename.
  2. Enter a new name and then click Rename.

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