Migrating applications between subscriptions

There may occasions when you need to move the contents of an Acquia Cloud application in one subscription to an application in another subscription to which you have access. The migration process is possible to undertake yourself, but can also be accomplished with assistance from Acquia Ready.

Migrating a website with Acquia Ready

Because migrating an application can be a complicated process, if you require assistance or if you need to accomplish specific tasks (such as moving an application from one site group to another), contact Acquia Ready to schedule an engagement. For more information about how Acquia Ready can work with you to ensure that your application is migrated successfully, see Internal migrations with Acquia Ready.

Migrating a website yourself

If you need to move an application's contents in one subscription to an application in another subscription, before you begin a migration, you should review the following pages:

When you are ready to begin the migration process for your files and other data, refer to the procedures on the following pages:

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