Configuring performance monitoring tools

Acquia Cloud provides configurations for the New Relic and TraceView applications, which are performance monitoring (APM) tools that you can use with an environment.

For technical reasons, you cannot use both TraceView and New Relic at the same time on an Acquia Cloud environment. If you currently have New Relic enabled and you then enable TraceView, New Relic will become disabled. If you have TraceView enabled and then enable New Relic, TraceView will become disabled.

About New Relic

New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a web application performance management tool that lets IT teams monitor live Drupal (and other PHP) applications, troubleshoot issues, and tune for optimal performance. New Relic APM Lite is available free to Acquia customers. This does not include the New Relic Server Monitoring service, which is not supported on Acquia Cloud.

About TraceView

TraceView from SolarWinds is a SaaS-based application performance management solution that pinpoints issues, improves Drupal application performance and assures end-user experience.

Configuring the application performance monitoring for an environment

To configure an Acquia Cloud environment to use an APM tool, you must have the Activate an Acquia Subscription add-on permission for the application. By default, all roles have this permission.

To configure either New Relic or TraceView as the APM tool for an environment, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface as a user with the necessary permission.
  2. Select your organization, application, and environment and then, on the environment's Overview page, click Configure.
    The Configuration panel will appear.
  3. Follow the appropriate steps to use the APM tool of your choice:
    • New Relic
      1. In the Provider list, click New Relic.
      2. In the New Relic license key field, enter the license key you received from New Relic. You can find the license key in the New Relic UI in the License key field in the Account information section. For more information, see the New Relic documentation.
      3. In the New Relic application name field, enter a unique identifier you can use to identify this environment in New Relic. This may be your website name or some other identifier you choose.
    • TraceView
      1. In the Provider list, click TraceView.
      2. In the TraceView license key field, enter the license key you received from TraceView.
  4. Click Save.

Within one hour of signing up for TraceView or New Relic, the application you selected will be installed on your Acquia Cloud Production environment's web instances. You will not need to (or be able to) follow the installation instructions on the New Relic or TraceView websites. After there is sufficient traffic to your Production environment, these services will begin reporting data. It may take a few minutes more for data to begin appearing on the New Relic or TraceView websites.

If you have a Professional-level subscription or above, you can create a Support ticket to have your New Relic or TraceView key applied to any non-Production environments. However, if your non-Production environments are on shared hardware, the performance data provided by these environments could be skewed by the activity of other websites on the instance during periods of high activity.

If you have your own New Relic or TraceView key (that is, one not provided by signing up through Acquia), you can create a Support ticket to have it manually installed on any of your environments.

New Relic multisite capabilities

New Relic can be used with multisite installations. See Using New Relic monitoring in a multisite environment for details. If you are using Acquia Cloud Site Factory, see the Acquia Cloud Site Factory users section of that article.

Compatibility statement

Acquia Cloud is compatible with only the Application Monitoring services provided by New Relic and TraceView. Acquia does not support New Relic and TraceView Server Monitoring services, or any plug-ins.

Acquia does not support the installation of New Relic or TraceView on any non-web instances, except for dedicated search instances. While New Relic and TraceView routinely make updates to their services and periodically add new features, Acquia updates the versions of these services running on Acquia Cloud at most twice per year. This allows us to thoroughly test updates when they do occur, and it helps us to ensure that any new features or feature changes included in these updates are in a stable, non-beta state prior to release.

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