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Apache error log

The Apache error log (error.log) records any Apache-level issues, which are usually general server issues, including capacity problems, .htaccess problems, and missing files.

For a list of the log files handled by Acquia Cloud, including accessing these log files, log file retention, and their locations, see About Acquia Cloud logging. You can also review information about how to streaming Apache log entries in real time from your browser.

Note for log streaming users

Acquia’s log forwarding feature adds information to the beginning of each line that is forwarded to an external service. For more information, see File formats in forwarded log files.

Parsing the log file

The following line is a representative example of the data written into your website’s Apache error log:

[Fri Aug 18 20:40:36.849360 2017] [access_compat:error] [pid 11069]
[client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration:

Each of the items in the Apache access log is noted in the following table, along with its description:

Position Data Description
0 [Fri Aug 18 20:40:36.849360 2017] The date and time of error.
1 [access_compat:error] The severity of this issue
2 [pid 11069] The process ID (pid) handling this request.
3 [client] The internal IP address of the balancer that forwarded the request to the server
4 All other information in the line The message, which will vary from line to line

For more information about the expected format of Apache error logs, see Apache’s documentation.