Streaming log entries in real time

In addition to downloading log files from the Acquia Cloud interface Applications > [Environment] > Logs page or accessing logs using command-line tools, as described in About Acquia Cloud logging, you can also stream logs in real time on the Acquia Cloud interface Applications > [Environment] > Logs page. The Logs page stream shows log entries from all of the logs of an environment at once. In contrast, each of the log files that you can download shows a single log from a single server (aside from the Drupal watchdog log and the MySQL slow query log).

There are several methods that you can use to modify which log entries are streamed:

  • Click Stream to select which logs are the source of log entries to be streamed. By default, the PHP error and Apache error logs are enabled.

    Select which logs to stream

  • Filter the log stream using JavaScript regular expressions. Just type a regular expression and the log stream is filtered accordingly.

  • Click a log entry to see the full text of the entry.

    Click a log entry to see its full text

  • If you click a log entry or scroll down the log stream, new entries are not added to the display. Click Show new messages to return to the top of the log stream and show the most recent log entries.

  • Click Pause to pause the log stream, and Restart to restart the log stream. When you restart the log stream after pausing it, the Logs page displays current log entries and does not display all the entries that occurred while it was paused.

  • To clear all the log entries, click Clear.

  • To download a log file, click Logs, and then click Download Logs. See Downloading log files from the Logs page for more information.

    Click the Download Logs button to download log files

Color coding for log entries

Log entries are displayed with different colored bars at the left margin:

Log source Bar color
Apache error Red
Apache request Yellow
Balancer request Green
Drupal request Yellow
Drupal watchdog Blue
MySQL slow query Red
Node.js error Red
Node.js stdout Yellow
PHP error Red
Varnish request Green

Streaming logs from the command line

In addition to streaming logs on the Logs page, you can use the Logstream Ruby gem, which provides a client-side API library and command-line interface. Learn more about how to install and use Logstream.


The Acquia Cloud log streaming Chrome extension, although available as a Chrome extension, is not supported.

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