Using Stack Metrics to monitor platform health

Using Stack Metrics graphs

The Acquia Cloud Stack Metrics feature provides real-time and historical information about an application's performance, health, and resource use.

To use Stack Metrics, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface.
  2. Select your application and environment.
  3. In the left menu, click Stack Metrics.

You can also use the list preceding the metrics charts to select a time period to review. Available timeframes span from the last hour to the last 6 months. Clicking a new timeframe in the list refreshes the charts based on your selection.

These metrics reflect server-wide activity unless noted otherwise.

Available graphs

You can view information about your website components on the Stack Metrics page. Click the link for detailed information about the graphs for each component, and troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Load balancing - Data metrics specific to your website's load balancers
  • Application - Data metrics specific to your website's application tier
  • Databases - Data metrics specific to your website's databases and database servers
  • File system - Data metrics specific to your website's file system servers
  • Additional metrics - Additional useful data metrics

Summary graph

In addition to the previous graphs, Acquia Cloud Professional customers have a summary graph that gives a view of overall server health. These statistics include:

  • Average CPU percentage (%) used
  • Average Memory percentage (%) used
  • Average Storage percentage (%) used

Acquia Cloud Professional Stack Metrics summary graph

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