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Acquia Cloud Platform CDN

This documentation page describes features and procedures for a beta product, and its contents may change at any time. Acquia does not recommend bookmarking this page as its location may change without notice.
This feature is available only for eligible Acquia Cloud Enterprise subscribers. For more information, contact your Account Manager.

Using the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN, you can deliver accelerated digital experiences to global audiences by caching pages and static assets (including JavaScript, CSS, and images) at over 65 points of presence (POPs) around the world. Visitors accessing your website will load the static assets from the POP closest to their location, which decreases the amount of time required to load a page, and can lead to increased conversions.

Acquia configures and manages the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN so you don’t have to. Based on years of experience accelerating Drupal applications through Varnish®, Acquia has configured the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN to optimize the delivery of digital experiences built with Drupal.

Setting up Acquia Cloud Platform CDN

This section applies only to subscribers who have Drupal 8 installed. Drupal 7 isn’t supported.

To enable the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN for your subscription, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact your account manager to start the activation process. Provide information about the following resources for which you want to enable access:

    • Applications
    • Environments
    • Domain names

    After activation, Acquia will provide you with both the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN IP address and hostname, and additional code for use with the Drupal 8 version of the Acquia Purge module.

  2. Install and enable the Acquia Purge module. Be sure to incorporate the provided, updated Acquia Purge module code into your website’s codebase.


    The extended code for the Acquia Purge module supports only Drupal 8.

  3. Sign in to your Drupal website as an administrator, and then enable the acquia_cdn_purge module.

  4. Go to Configuration > Web Services > Acquia CDN Purge.

  5. Enter the API Key and Service ID values provided to you by Acquia.

  6. Click Save Configuration.

  7. Configure your authoritative DNS to route traffic to your domains through the provided IP address and hostname by using one of the following methods:

    • Apex (root) domains: Add an A record that points your apex domain (root domain) to the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN IP address.
    • Subdomains: Add a CNAME record that points your domain name to the assigned Acquia Cloud Platform CDN hostname.

SSL certificates and Acquia Cloud Platform CDN

Acquia Cloud Enterprise supports SSL certificates on both the Acquia Cloud Platform CDN and on Acquia Cloud balancers, enabling you to deliver fully secure experiences for your visitors. If you want to deploy your SSL certificate on Acquia Cloud Platform CDN, contact Acquia Support for assistance.

Maintaining cache consistency

The Acquia Cloud Platform CDN fully respects both HTTP Cache-Control headers and Drupal 8 tag-based invalidation. Acquia recommends continuing to use both methods as part of your application’s caching strategy.