Managing API tokens

You can use the Acquia Cloud interface to create and remove Acquia Cloud API tokens. In this release, API tokens are used only to authenticate with Acquia Pipelines. For all other Cloud API purposes, authenticate with the Cloud API using the Cloud API private key described in Cloud API authentication.

To use an API token, you need to have the the Access the Cloud API permission for the Acquia Cloud application you're working with. By default, users who have been assigned the Team lead or Senior developer role have this permission, while users with the Developer role do not. An Organization administrator can create new roles or modify existing roles to modify which roles have the Access the Cloud API permission. Learn more about roles and permissions in Acquia Cloud.

An Acquia Cloud API token consists of a key and a secret. To create an Acquia Cloud API token:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface.
  2. Click the avatar in the upper right to open your profile, and then click API tokens. Or, go directly to
  3. Click the plus button to add an API token.
  4. In the Create API Token dialog, enter a label for the token. A token label can help you identify your tokens if you create more than one.
  5. Click Create Token.

The Create API Token dialog displays the API key and the API secret that make up the token. You can view the API key at any time in the Acquia Cloud interface. Record the API secret in a safe place.

You can remove an API token at any time by clicking the Remove link for the token.

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