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Preparing for a successful launch

This checklist will help you track the tasks you must complete to successfully launch an application on Acquia Cloud.

Learn more by visiting the Acquia Academy (sign-in required) for video tutorials of the Pre-Launch Checklist and Preparing for Launch on Acquia Cloud.

Configuring up SSL

These tasks are common requirements for building an application that supports SSL.

Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
Upload SSL Certificate
Check rewrite rules are configured, using a contributed module or .htaccess file

Prepare for successful website launch

These performance and scalability tasks prepare your application for production traffic.

Submit a Site Review ticket
Increase page cache maximum age
Disable basic authentication
Update Drupal Core to the latest release
Disable any modules that set session cookies
Do not override the PHP memory limit on a global basis
Configure memcache
Sanitize code variables
Enable the Dynamic Page Cache module
Enable JavaScript / CSS aggregation
Disable database logging module
Enable the Syslog module included with Drupal core
Check for pending database updates
Enable full PHP error reporting
Remove SQL queries and PHP logic or functions
Back up your database in the Stage environment
Clear Varnish caches on your Stage environment
Migrate code, files, and database from your Stage environment to your production environment
Review areas of codebase using server-side device detection
Configure OPCache to store compiled code
Ensure directories do not contain more than 2,500 files each
Identify and remediate potential issues from having large files
Disable/adjust settings for modules and applications
Disable page_compression
Ensure your database tables use InnoDB instead of MyISAM
Set the minimum cache lifetime to none
Switch from Drupal database search to Acquia Search
Limit use of variable_set and cache_clear_all
Enable caching on blocks, views, and panels
Enable the Fast 404 module
Disable default Drupal cron in favor of Acquia’s Scheduled Jobs
Disable unneeded modules in your production environment
Disable modules needed only to display administrative user interfaces

Get production-ready

These configuration tasks configure preferences and connect your application to Acquia services.

Add custom domains to your environments
Enable Varnish over SSL
Configure Remote Administration preferences
Enable the Acquia Connector and Acquia Insight
Check your sendmail path is an alias

Complete final go-live steps

These tasks prepare your application for an imminent launch.

Clear the Varnish cache on your production environment
Backup the database on your production environment
Enable Production Mode
Check that domains and DNS are pointed correctly