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Preparing for a successful launch


Acquia leverages Varnish® Cache on your load balancers and Memcached on your web servers to ensure your application is as performant and scalable as possible. Varnish works by eliminating the need for your backend web servers to process every request sent to the application. Under high traffic conditions, Varnish is able to serve requests from cache more quickly than your web servers can. Memcached improves the performance of your web servers when serving authenticated traffic. Applications with a high percentage of authenticated users benefit most from this caching technology.

Taken together, and properly configured, Varnish and Memcached are critical elements of your application’s ability to scale and perform. We encourage you to engage with us to help you determine how to make your application as cacheable as possible, given your application’s functional requirements.

Accurate sizing

When you purchased Acquia’s hosting services, you should have completed an infrastructure questionnaire. Acquia uses this questionnaire to estimate the appropriate hardware for your application, including the following key information:

  • How many pageviews your application serves
  • What percentage of your traffic is from authenticated users
  • Current PHP memory limit

Other factors may affect your sizing, such as the number of applications you have in a multisite configuration, and how many docroots are hosted on a given server.

Unless we know otherwise, we assume that 90 percent of your anonymous traffic is cached by Varnish. If your application doesn’t cache efficiently, you may need to engage Acquia to reassess your sizing before proceeding with load testing and launch.

If you are properly sized based on your traffic expectations and caching efficiency, and your application continues to suffer from degraded performance, Acquia will work with you to identify and remediate performance-affecting conditions in your application’s code and configuration.