Using a Cloud Service Management plan

Drupal-based production environments in Acquia Cloud Enterprise include the ability for you to scale server sizes, based on need, by using the Acquia Cloud user interface. The following Cloud Service Management (CSM) sizes are available for your use: Small, Medium and Large. Small and Medium sizes are available for annual contracts; the Large size is available as a temporary upsize.

Each environment is rated for a certain level of traffic, based on a typical Drupal application. You can install one or more applications into this environment. Although having applications share an environment can be cost-effective, a traffic spike on one application may affect the availability of other applications installed in the same environment.

If you deploy an application on a Small environment and later need to make the environment bigger, you can scale up to a Medium or Large environment in the Acquia Cloud interface, enabling you to prepare your website in advance for, or to react to, a high-traffic event on your own terms. If you’re running a major promotion and expect increased traffic, you can temporarily scale up to a Large, and then scale back to a Small when the traffic returns to normal levels.

Viewing your CSM plan

To review your Cloud Service Management information, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud user interface.
  2. Select an application, and then select its Prod (production) environment.
  3. In the left menu, click Stack Metrics, and then, in the page, click the Manage Plan tab.

Cloud Service Management (CSM) plan details

The Manage Plan page displays information that is specific to your subscription's base size and current plan.

This information includes the following items:

Information Description
Subscription The name of this subscription
CSM Plan Name The name of your CSM sizing plan
CSM Plan Base Size Your base plan's size
CSM Plan Current Size Your current plan's size
Application Usage Number of applications in use out of the total number of available applications
Max File Storage Maximum amount of file storage available for this subscription, in gigabytes (GB)
Max Database Storage Maximum amount of database space available, in gigabytes (GB)

Next to this chart is a list of Applications that are utilizing shared resources. Stack Metrics charts for applications in this list display data that is aggregated for these applications.

Upgrading your CSM plan

Each Acquia Cloud subscription has a base level. This level is the original package for your group of applications as specified in your contract. The following package levels are available for use:

Size Maximum requests/day
Small 18,000
Medium 40,000
Large 60,000

Your current plan (Current plan) is highlighted, along with your default subscription, which is labeled Base Plan. These labels can be in the same card or different cards, depending on whether or not you have upsized from your base plan.

Requests per day are dynamic requests, which are requests that directly query the server and bypass Varnish. Applications using Varnish can handle additional requests.

Upgrading your plan

Changing your plan

To change the size of the Cloud Service Management plan for your environment, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Manage Plan page.
  2. In the Upgrade Cloud Service Management Plan section, click Select for your desired plan.
    Acquia Cloud will display a dialog box to confirm your plan change and outline the consequences of the action. For example, resizing to a smaller stack reduces capacity.

    Confirming your resize

  3. Select the check box to confirm financial responsibility. The message states:

    By clicking here, you expressly confirm that you have the authorization to make this purchase on behalf of your Company and you acknowledge that all applicable fees shall be paid by Company all in accordance with the terms of the applicable agreement.
  4. Click Resize to proceed, or Cancel to stop the change.

Your task log will update with an entry similar to the following mesaage:

Resizing [the environment] to [new plan size]

After the resize is complete, the task log will update again with a message indicating a successful resize, such as the following:

The environment has been resized to "medium".

Your new user plan will be highlighted as the Current plan.

In the event of a failure contact Acquia Support.

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