Subscription usage

This feature is available only for Acquia Cloud Plus subscriptions.

If you are the Owner or Administrator of an organization, you have access to detailed usage metrics for your subscription, including some or all of the following measurements that may affect your subscription’s cost:

  • Views – Requests made to your application, excluding static files such as CSS and image files.
  • Visits – One or more requests to your application from the same client device in a sliding 60 minute window.
  • Applications – The total number of applications allowed in your subscription.
  • CDEs – The total number Acquia Cloud CD environments allowed in your subscription.
  • Advisory hours – The total number of advisory hours allowed for your subscription.

When a usage metric reaches 75% of the limit specified in your contract, the graph for that metric will change from green to yellow.

When a usage metric exceeds the limit specified in your contract, Acquia Cloud will display a warning message and the graph for that metric will change from yellow to red, as in the following example:

Viewing subscription metrics on your Acquia Cloud account

Viewing your subscription’s usage information

To view your subscription usage, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Acquia Cloud interface as an Owner or Administrator, and then click Manage in the top menu.

  2. Find your organization’s information card, and then click its Manage link. Acquia Cloud will display the Organizations page.

  3. In the left menu, click Subscriptions.


    The Subscriptions option in the left menu is displayed only for users with the Owner or Administrator role for an organization.

  4. To view usage details about a subscription, click its View link.

  5. Scroll to the Subscription Usage section to view usage graphs for the current calendar month.

  6. To display usage graphs for a different time period, use the date range selector to indicate the date range for which to return results.

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