Acquia CMS


Acquia Content Management System (Acquia CMS) is an open source, composable CMS for managing digital content and experiences. It is powered by Drupal and optimized for the Acquia platform.

Acquia CMS consists of key Drupal modules, curated by Acquia to be best-in-class. Acquia keeps these modules updated and tested. Acquia also provides security patches and updates to Drupal as they become available, so your team does not have to.

Acquia CMS 2.0 introduces the new starter kit wizard. With the new starter kit wizard, you can assemble the right combination of modules that you need for your use case, be that traditional Drupal, low-code or headless. You can also add our content model and demo content.

Unlike Acquia CMS 1.0, Acquia CMS 2.0 is not a Drupal installation profile. Acquia CMS 2.0 is a set of post-installation modules setup, and is configured by the Acquia CMS starter kit system. Drupal is installed from the Drupal core Minimal installation profile.


These new features are only available when you install locally and then deploy to your hosting environment.

The following Acquia products are compatible with Acquia CMS, but require installation and configuration: