Local development with BLT


Acquia will end support for BLT on December 31, 2024. For more information on how to replace your BLT implementation with updated functionality, see You don’t need BLT on Acquia Cloud.

Acquia’s preferred solution for development with Drupal is Cloud IDEs. A number of other community solutions also integrate well with BLT including:

  • Lando: A container-based Drupal development solution.

  • DDev: A container-based Drupal development solution.


In collaboration with Acquia, the Lando team has built an open source Acquia plugin for Lando. For more information, see Local development solutions.

You can also add the community plugin for BLT by running the following command:

composer require mikemadison13/blt-lando

Regardless of the local environment you select, use the following guidelines:

  • To guarantee similar behavior, use Apache as your web server.

  • If you host your project on Cloud Platform, be sure to match our software versions.

Acquia developers use PHPStorm and recommend it for local development environments. Acquia has written several Knowledge Base articles about using PHPStorm for Drupal development.