BLT support


Acquia will end support for BLT on December 31, 2024. For more information on how to replace your BLT implementation with updated functionality, see You don’t need BLT on Acquia Cloud.

The following resources are available for support with BLT issues:

The resources outlined on this page offer guidance on troubleshooting various issues.

Support for BLT dependencies

BLT provides automation for several other applications, including (but not limited to) the following:

As a result, various issues with BLT are actually issues with one of the bundled applications. Acquia strongly recommends a careful review of the error messages returned by your project. The error messages often direct you to the underlying application which is the true source of the issue instead of BLT.

Basic troubleshooting

If you experience issues with a local BLT build, try using the included blt doctor command to diagnose your problem:

blt doctor

If you are having problems with a specific command, run the preceding command again with the -vvv argument (for example, blt setup -vvv). By including the verbose flag, the command provides verbose output and enumerates any underlying commands (such as Drush or Composer) called by BLT.

If the verbose output identifies a specific command that’s failing, try running the command directly without invoking BLT. This will determine whether you have a problem with BLT or with another application, such as Drush or Composer.

For instance, running blt setup -vvv may return the following results:

[drush] Changing working directory to: /Users/me/Sites/mysite/docroot
[drush] Executing: /Users/me/Sites/mysite/vendor/bin/drush
@blted10.local --site-name="BLTed 10"
--site-mail="[email protected]" --account-name="admin"
--account-pass="admin" --account-mail="[email protected]"
--uri=default --yes --verbose site-install "minimal"
Loaded alias @blted10.local from file

In this case, BLT is executing the following Drush command for you:

/Users/me/Sites/mysite/vendor/bin/drush @blted10.local
--site-name="BLTed 10" --site-mail="[email protected]"
--account-name="admin" --account-pass="admin"
--account-mail="[email protected]" --uri=default --yes --verbose
site-install "minimal"

To debug the problem, run the Drush command directly from the command line, as the issue will be easier to debug without involving BLT. If you still can’t diagnose the issue, create a Support ticket. Acquia recommends not opening an issue in the BLT queue unless you’ve identified a specific bug or feature request for BLT.