Configuring a project for use with Site Factory


Acquia will end support for BLT on December 31, 2024. For more information on how to replace your BLT implementation with updated functionality, see You don’t need BLT on Acquia Cloud.

From BLT 12.x, ACSF capabilities are separated out into a BLT Plugin. Therefore, you must first add this plugin to your codebase by running the following command:

composer require acquia/blt-acsf

To configure a project to run on Site Factory, complete the following steps after initially configuring BLT, but before creating any websites in Site Factory:

  1. From the project root, run the following command and commit any changes:

    blt recipes:acsf:init:all
  2. (Optional) Create one or more custom profiles using the Drupal Console.
  3. Ensure the acsf module will be enabled when you install websites on Site Factory, either by adding it as a dependency to your custom profile or by adding it to your remote environment configuration splits.
  4. Deploy to Cloud Platform using blt artifact:deploy. You can also deploy code by using a continuous integration configuration.
  5. Use the Site Factory update code feature to deploy the artifact.
  6. When creating a new website, select your custom profile as the profile.

In all other respects, BLT treats Site Factory installations as multisite installations. To finish setup, including to set up a local development environment for your Site Factory project, see Multisite.


When BLT runs Drush commands against multisite installations, it passes both a uri parameter and Drush alias, both of which can be defined per-site through blt.yml files. It’s easier to set the local Drush alias to self for all websites and allow BLT to use the uri exclusively.


If you receive an error such as Could not retrieve the site standard_domain from the database when updating code on Site Factory, it indicates one or more websites on your subscription don’t have the acsf connector module enabled and configured. You must enable this module and then try updating code again.