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Content Hub 1.x will reach end-of-life on September 30, 2024. Acquia recommends you to upgrade to Content Hub 3.x. For more information, see Upgrading from Content Hub 1.x to 3.x.

This page provides information about the commands that are available in the Content Hub Upgrade Console (CHUC). CHUC is a console-based tool through which Content Hub 8.x-1.x customers can upgrade to the latest 2.x version. With this tool, Content Hub customers can also run auditing, troubleshooting and fleet-wide commands.

Content Hub commands

helpDisplays help for a command
listLists commands
ach:audit:config-uuid[audit-uuid] Audits configuration entities for empty UUIDs. Optionally, you can run ‘fix’, ‘f’, to generate UUIDs for entities without UUIDs.
ach:audit:full[ach-audit] Audits an existing site and code base to determine if there are any Content Hub level concerns. Optionally, you can run ‘fix’, ‘f’ to run an audit command and fix any errors found, or run ‘early-return’, ‘er’, to run an audit command and return early at first error.
ach:audit:publisher-queue[ach-apq] Checks whether the publisher queue is empty and there are no queued entities in the publisher tracking table.
ach:audit:settings[ach-as] Audits Content Hub settings for differences between database settings and overridden ones. Optionally, you can run ‘fix’, ‘f’, if set, the command will attempt to sync the settings and write the overwritten data to database.
ach:clients[ach-cl] Lists the clients registered in the Acquia Content Hub Subscription. Optionally, you can run ‘count’, ‘c’, which returns the number of clients.
ach:custom-fields[ach-cf] Checks if custom field type implementations are supported by Content Hub.
ach:drush[drush] A wrapper for running Drush commands.
ach:health-check:interest-diff[ach-hc-id] Lists the differences between webhook’s interest list and export/import tracking tables.
ach:health-check:webhook-status[ach-hc-ws] Prints status of Webhooks and if they are suppressed.
ach:layout-builder-defaults[ach-lbd] Checks Layout Builder defaults usage.
ach:migrate:purge-delwh[ach-pdw] Purges Content Hub Subscription and deletes Webhooks.
ach:module:version[ach-mv] Checks if platform sites have the Content Hub module 2.x version.
ach:panelizer-check[ach-pan] Checks use of Panelizer module.
ach:subscription[ach-sub] Sets up the credentials for a Content Hub Subscription.
ach:upgrade:start[ach-ustart] Starts the Upgrade Process from Acquia Content Hub 1.x to 2.x. Optionally, you can run ‘uninstall-modules’, ‘um’, for the list of modules to uninstall as part of the preparation process, or run ‘restart’, ‘res’, to restart from scratch.
ach:verify-current-site-webhook[ach-vcsw] Verify if this site’s webhook as defined in the configuration is actually registered in the Content Hub service.
ach:webhook:status[ach-ws] Uses the Content Hub Service to collect information about the status of webhooks.
backup:create[bc] Creates a backup bundle of Acquia Content Hub Service snapshot and database site backups.
backup:delete[bd] Deletes a backup bundle of Acquia Content Hub Service snapshot and database site backups.
backup:list[bl] List available backup bundles of Content Hub Service snapshots and database site backups. Optionally, you can run ‘list’, ‘l’, InputOption::VALUE_NONE, to List Acquia Content Hub snapshots.
backup:restore[br] Restores a backup bundle of Acquia Content Hub Service snapshot and database site backups.
drush:versionChecks drush version on the server.
platform:create[pc] Create a new platform on which to execute common console commands.
platform:delete[pdel] Deletes the specified platform.
platform:describe[pd] Obtain more details about a platform.
platform:list[pl] List available platforms.
platform:sitesList available sites registered in the platform.