Content Hub 1.x connector settings

The Content Hub Connector has settings to help limit data sent, and to ensure your files are placed on your server in a specific directory.


This information applies to Acquia Content Hub for Drupal 7.x.

Excluding properties

By default, all entities of the types selected on the Entity Configuration tab are shared by Acquia Content Hub, and are available to all the other members of your Acquia Content Hub network.

You can exclude specific properties or fields of those entities, causing the properties you specify as excluded to not export to Acquia Content Hub.

To exclude a property or field, complete the following steps:

  1. In the admin menu, go to Configuration > Content Hub Connector > Settings.

  2. In the Excluded properties section, in the Properties List field, enter the properties you want to exclude, one per line. A property is the machine_name of the field to exclude.

  3. After you have entered all the properties you want to exclude, click Save configuration.

For example, to exclude the Article type’s Image and Category properties, in the Properties List field, enter the following values:

  • field_image

  • field_category

Unmanaged files

The Unmanaged files setting is for storing inline files which import from Acquia Content Hub. These are files uploaded as inline files or images in Long text and summary fields such as the body field, using editors such as WYSIWYG or CKEditor. These files aren’t linked to database entries in the file_managed table.

You can set the directory for unmanaged files by using the Directory for unmanaged files field. This is often a public directory in your docroot.