Content Hub

Content Hub module compatibility


Content Hub 2.x will reach end-of-life on December 31, 2024. Acquia recommends that you update your Content Hub version to Content Hub 3.x by using the composer require instructions available on the acquia_contenthub project page.

Content Hub 2.x has an extensive series of tests with Drupal core modules and the following contrib modules:

WebformsBoth webforms and webform submissions are syndicated.
ParagraphsParagraphs are syndicated. However, nested paragraphs create huge dependency trees and slightly slow down the syndication.To use paragraphs in a multilingual setup, follow this documentation. Paragraphs are supported because Content Hub supports entity references and entity reference revisions fields if there is a custom field type supported with paragraphs.
Focal Point/Crop

The following data are now syndicated:

  • Focal point data for cropping
  • Crop entity data for the focal point module
Focal point data was not according to standard drupal field conventions. Therefore, specific dependency collectors and serializers/unserializers are written for this.
RedirectRedirects are now syndicated as an individual entity as well as a dependency for a node.Redirects are separate entities and are not linked to a node with any field relation. Therefore, specific dependency collectors and serializers/unserializers are written for this.
MetatagsMetatags are syndicated and the ability to override canonical urls is available.Available as a separate acquia_contenthub_metatag submodule inside the acquia_contenthub module.
Entity QueueThe Entity Queue module is now supported.Both Entity Queue and Entity Subqueue are supported.
DepcalcDepcalc is supported as an API module because there are some tests in the acquia_contenthub module asserting depcalc dependency calculation.
S3fsS3fs files are syndicated.


If you use an untested module, note the following requirements:

If contrib modules provide entity definitions, then those should use standardized entity reference fields for relations to other entities.

Any new fields that are not known in the Content Hub ecospace might not be supported. The following is the list of supported fields:

  • Entity reference fields
  • Entity reference image fields
  • Language field
  • Link fields supporting internal, entity links and external links
  • Password field
  • Path fields
If a contrib module provides new entity hooks, it should adhere to the Drupal hook standards.Content Hub 2.x uses events instead of hooks, so any module trying to override normal Content Hub flow can subscribe to these events. For the list of these events, see Understanding Content Hub events.
Multilingual syndicationDetailed multilingual syndication flow is explained at Multilingual syndication. Paragraphs’ multilingual syndication is explained in this documentation.
New fields/entities coming up in the newer version of contrib modules.Addition of new field types/entities might not be supported right away.