Content Hub

Content moderation with Content Hub


Content Hub 2.x will reach end-of-life on December 31, 2024. Acquia recommends that you update your Content Hub version to Content Hub 3.x by using the composer require instructions available on the acquia_contenthub project page.

Content Hub syndicates entities that are created or updated in Drupal. This means that if you save an entity in Drupal, it is queued for export after it meets the following criteria:

  • The entity has at least one published translation.
  • The revision being saved is the current version.
  • If a previously published entity is unpublished (for example, moved from a published moderation state to an unpublished state), this will trigger an export and an identical transition on subscribing websites.

Unpublished entities that have never been published will not trigger an export

  • Paragraphs are not syndicated as standalone entities (only as dependencies).
  • If you turn on the experimental module Content Hub Moderation, you can change the moderation state of imported content to an “Unpublished” state, in which case that would be saved as a forward revision.
  • Regarding revisioning, the default behavior is defined by the configuration of the particular entity bundle. If an entity is revisionable and it’s set to create new revisions on save, content will import with the same logic. Otherwise, importing will overwrite existing revisions.

Publishing an entity

Syndication begins when an entity is published for the first time. Unpublished drafts won’t syndicate.

Example: A draft article won’t syndicate until it’s published.

Unpublishing an entity

Once published and exported, the only unpublished entity state syndicated is a move back to an unpublished state.

Example: If a published article is sent back to a specific state such as Needs editing, the change will syndicate to subscribing websites. All subscribing websites will have unpublished versions of the entity.

Creating new unpublished drafts

Forward revisions of entities aren’t exported. Unpublished drafts of published entities aren’t syndicated until they’re published.

Example: If an article is published, but needs minor changes, those changes won’t syndicate until they’re published.