Content Hub

Exporting content from a Content Hub publisher


Content Hub 2.x will reach end-of-life on December 31, 2024. Acquia recommends that you update your Content Hub version to Content Hub 3.x by using the composer require instructions available on the acquia_contenthub project page.

When a publisher connects to the Content Hub service, it initiates the content sharing process. By default, all entities are shared.

To share content from a publisher:

  1. Create, update, or delete content on the publisher.
  2. Add the content to the export queue on the publisher.
  3. Process the export queue either manually or using scheduled jobs.

    When processing each item in the export queue, the system transmits the content and its dependencies to the Content Hub service. This enables syndicating the content to subscribers.

Configuring your Drupal site as a publisher

To configure your Drupal site as a publisher:

  1. Install Content Hub

    For instructions, see Installing Content Hub.

  2. Enable the acquia_contenthub_publisher module through the Drupal admin interface.

    When activating the acquia_contenthub_publisher module on an existing Drupal site functioning as a Content Hub subscriber, only the content exclusive to that Drupal site can be published.. However, the content that is imported from other publishers cannot be re-exported. Each entity is limited to having only one publisher.

Processing the export queue

The following are the ways to process the export queue:

To process the export queue asynchronously, Acquia recommends you to configure scheduled jobs. Additionally, you can set up the scheduled jobs to run on dedicated cron servers if your Drupal Cloud subscription provides such servers.

Purging the export queue

To clear the export queue on a publisher site:

  1. Go to Administration > Configuration > Web services > Acquia Content Hub.
  2. Click Export tab.
  3. When the queue has items, locate Purge existing queues within the Run Export Queue section.
  4. Click Purge to empty the export queue.

Excluding entities from export

The publisher exports all content by default. However, there might be a necessity to exclude specific types of content from export due to security concerns or other reasons. For more information, refer to Excluding entities from export.

Viewing completed exports using the Publisher’s Dashboard

To view completed exports using the Publisher’s Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Publisher’s Dashboard interface.
  2. Click Content.
  3. Review the content on the Content page.

    The page displays the available content entities within the Content Hub service.