Content Hub

Importing content into a subscriber

In the process of importing content into a subscriber site, the entity exported from the publisher site is recreated on the subscriber site as a local copy. Content Hub imports all the dependencies of the entity, such as taxonomy terms, file attachments, or paragraphs.

The following table lists the methods for importing content into a subscriber site:

Manual syndicationSelect the specific entities to import into a subscriber site using Publisher’s Dashboard. Manual syndication provides flexibility for publishers and subscribers to directly control the content imported to a site.
Automatic syndication with filtersCreate saved filters that automatically syndicate content based on criteria such as taxonomy term, entity type, or bundle. The filters are assigned to specific subscriber sites, and those sites import new entities that match the criteria when they are exported to Content Hub.

Process to update the imported content

The process to update the imported content includes the following steps:

  1. After the content is imported into a subscriber site, the entity is added to the interest list of the subscriber site.

  2. The subscriber site imports all changes exported from the publisher and updates the content in the entity.

    Manual or automatic syndication is only used to establish the initial relationship between an entity and a subscriber.