Content Hub

Manual syndication

This page applies to Content Hub 3.x.

After a publisher exports content to Content Hub, it is available for import to subscriber sites. Manual syndication provides flexibility for publishers and subscribers to directly control the content imported to a site. After a subscriber imports an entity and its dependencies, either manually or automatically through filters, the entity remains in the subscriber’s interest list. Consequently, any subsequent updates made to the entity by the publisher are automatically syndicated to the subscriber. Manual syndication is always available, and can function in conjunction with automatic syndication with filters.

Searching for content


Ensure that the acquia_contenthub_dashboard module is enabled. Either publishers or subscribers can enable this module. However, while subscribers can only use this Dashboard to import content for themselves, publishers have the ability to import content to any subscriber.

The following are the steps to search content:

  1. Navigate to the Publisher’s Dashboard interface.
  2. Click on Content.

    The Content page displays all content that the publisher has exported to Content Hub. The page also provides options to filter and search content.

By default, the content is displayed in List View. If you prefer to switch to Card View, locate and click the Card View icon in the top right corner of the page.

To switch back to List View display, click the List View icon.

Importing content manually

The following are the steps to import content to one or multiple subscriber sites:

  1. Check the box corresponding to the desired entity or entities in the list or cards.
  2. Click the Import to Site button.

  3. In the Import Content to Sites modal, select the desired subscriber sites by typing the name or domain of the subscriber in the Import to Site(s) field. You can select multiple subscribers.
  4. Click Import to start importing the selected content.

To manage your connected sites, see Managing connected sites.