Personalization lets you track customers’ behavior throughout their buying journey from anonymous visitor to loyal, repeat customer. Personalization unifies customer content and profile data from multiple sources to deliver in-context, personalized experiences across any channel or device.

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Available packages

Personalization has several packages from which you can choose to personalize your content for customers, including the following:




Data warehouse

Personalization - Standard


Personalization - Premium

Personalization Starter - Standard



Personalization Starter - Premium


Product components

Personalization enables the customization of content along a customer journey through the use of campaigns. Content is continuously optimized by targeted segments to achieve the greatest amount of conversions.

  • Personalizations: Personalization is a Drupal module leveraged to create personalizations targeting your website’s content to segments you create using Personalization, even if some of your websites are not using Drupal.

  • Configuration and analysis: As a cloud-based application separate from your website, Personalization lets you search for and categorize data about each of your visitors, based on customizable criteria such as location or the content type the visitor has viewed most frequently. Personalization allows you to organize this data into segments, or groups of criteria that visitors often have in common. For example, if your website specializes in vacation packages, a visitor who clicks on a skiing vacation might fit into a predefined Sports Enthusiast segment.

Additional features

Depending on the Personalization package that you select, you can also access the Omnichannel functionality, which provides the following features:

  • Data warehouse: With this feature, you can integrate data from other systems, such as marketing automation or CRM, into Personalization profiles by using a dedicated connection to Snowflake. This cloud-based data warehouse contains all your Personalization-hosted visitor data, and with this direct access, you can use your own business intelligence tools to analyze your website visitors and discover new insights.

  • Using the Personalization APIs: Omnichannel includes access to several Personalization APIs you can use to exchange your visitor data with other systems.

  • Optional connectors: An Omnichannel subscription enables you to connect to other systems that contain user and sales information. Currently, Personalization officially supports CDP, Demandbase, Eloqua, and Marketo connectors.

Browser requirements

Personalization supports the current and prior major releases of the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari web browsers for capturing visitor data and displaying personalized content.