Personalization architecture

This page describes how Acquia delivers high availability in Personalization, and how Personalization handles disaster recovery and backups.

High availability data centers

Personalization is located in data centers that are physically remote from Acquia’s office facilities. A disaster affecting one or more of Acquia’s offices would not impact the availability of Personalization.

The Personalization environment consists of major regions and Availability Zones. Availability Zones are separate, yet interconnected, data centers within major regions in Acquia’s global infrastructure.

Personalization supports the following zones:

  • US (East)

  • EU (Frankfurt)

  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Disaster recovery

For disaster recovery purposes, Personalization performs synchronous replication of person data across Availability Zones, hourly snapshots of document data, and daily snapshots of customer configuration and data warehouse databases. These backups will be used to restore Personalization at another location in the same region in the event of either a total data center loss or a loss of multiple disk systems. Acquia will not provide customer access to these snapshots, and will not use these snapshots to restore data due to data-loss or deletion by customers.


Acquia maintains a backup solution for all components of Personalization, including the following:

  • All documents persisted in Personalization, including person profile, customer configuration, and data warehouse databases.

    The backups are based on a combination of synchronous replication of person profile data across Availability Zones and daily snapshots of the customer configuration and data warehouse databases.