Marketo technical details

Marketo batch limits

Acquia’s Marketo connector initiates a poll request for new updates every 5 minutes. Each poll can synchronize up to 300 leads or lead updates reflecting Marketo’s batch limit.

If there are more than 300 updates, Marketo batches them and polling continues.

Marketo REST API limit

With large numbers of new contacts to synchronize, the Marketo REST API may reach its limit.

Marketo REST API limits include:

  • Marketo Daily Quota: Marketo allocates 50,000 API calls per day (which resets each day at 12:00 AM CST) for most subscriptions. You can increase the quota in Marketo.

  • Marketo Rate Limit: Marketo limits API access per instance to 100 calls per 20 seconds.

  • Marketo Concurrency Limit: Marketo allows a maximum of 10 concurrent API calls.