Personalization glossary

Personalization has several terms with specific definitions based on their use in the product.




A group of related fields collected in the person profile available for segmentation in the segment builder portion of Personalization used for defining groups of users to target. Examples include Current Location, which includes City, Region, Metropolitan Serving Area (MSA) , and Country values.

Content Dependency

Nodes, taxonomy terms, vocabularies, or other documents connected to the primary document published to Personalization.

Decision Engine

Acquia-developed technology used to determine the correct content to display to a user, when provided with a group of rules, available content, and person profile data.


The 1:1 mapping in Personalization to a Drupal entity. Examples include nodes, taxonomy terms, vocabularies, and custom product entities.


Interesting behavioral activities performed by a person, and related to a touch. Examples include click, add to cart, fill in form, and content view.


Product name for Acquia’s personalization tool integrating with your Drupal website. With the tight website integration, you can track your visitors’ behavior and build content experiences tailored to those visitors’ interests.


Data collected in the user profile providing insight into the content a person has the most affinity towards.


A uniquely identified data type of an individual person stored in Personalization, along with a group of related attributes such as first time visitor, anonymous visitor, first seen, last seen, and any other subscriber-defined values (such as account status or subscriber type).

Person (Visitor) profile

A collection of identifiers (including tracking identifiers, email addresses, and account ids), person, touch, event, and rankings information comprising everything known about a person’s interests and behavior in Personalization. Learn more.


A field at both the event level and at the person level. You can tag each piece of content as of interest to one or more personas, as captured in an event when a person looks at the content. The persona most frequently consumed is assigned at the person level.

Publishing website

Any website (or application) publishing content into Personalization. With a Personalization - Premium subscription, subscribers have access to the API, which they can use to build connections with other technologies, either using their own resources or leveraging the expertise of Acquia’s Professional Services. A prebuilt connector is available for Drupal.

Profile Manager

Product name for Acquia’s cloud-based application allowing you to search for and categorize data about each of your visitors, based on customizable criteria such as location or the content type the visitor has viewed most frequently.


A rule defines the content to display to a given person in a given slot for a particular segment. A person can belong to various segments at the same time, so rules can be prioritized relative to each other. Types of rules include A/B tests and targeted content.


A collection of conditions based on information available in the person profile and which defines some audience of people—for example, a segment of people called Boston visitors representing people on the website from Boston.

Segment Criterion

A context, an operator, and a value defining one of the conditions in a segment—for example, City matches Boston.


An area on a website you configure to personalize targeted content or to display A/B tests.


A series of contiguous events (such as content views) with a duration between events of no more than 30 minutes are grouped together under a single touch. Comparable to a visit in web analytics, a touch contains information about the referrer, visit source, device, geography, and marketing campaign. Learn more.