Known issues

This page describes known issues for Personalization.

If you encounter any difficulties with your Personalization subscription, contact Acquia Support for help.

  • Webpages with many defined slots or rules may return content more slowly.

  • Do Not Track cookies must be disabled or deleted manually. Learn more.

  • When navigating a search query for subscriber accounts or segments, some users experience inconsistencies in the query list after navigating away and then returning.

  • Segment names containing special characters, such as may not be visible within reports and should be avoided.

  • CloudFlare users may encounter problems launching Experience Builder if strict Threat Score blocking is enabled.

    To resolve this, create a Firewall Rule in Cloudflare that only fires if the URL contains acquia-lift-token to allow traffic flow.

  • For content recommendation campaigns, the Most viewed content algorithm is currently unavailable.

Unable to export content blocks to the Personalization service to swap content

The content block export to the Personalization service fails without an error message.


Certain entities being exported have the language set to “en” (English) and the others have the language set to “und” (Undetermined). Searching content in the Personalization Experience Builder only retrieves the results that match the same language as the current page. For example, while personalizing a content block, when the language of the page is set to “en” according to the HTML source, the search interface returns results only for the content exported in “en” and not for the content in the “und” language.


To resolve the issue, standardize the language of all the entities to either en or und to match the language code of your site, particularly block_content.