Profiles API reference

This feature is available only to Personalization - Premium and Personalization Starter - Premium subscribers.

Subscribers with access to Omnichannel can use the Profiles API to integrate their websites and applications with Personalization.

Using the Profiles API

Similar to many other APIs, the Profiles API uses standard HTTP methods to communicate with Personalization, including GET, PUT, and DELETE. You can view the list of available Profiles API calls at the following URL:

You can also view Profiles API information at [region-based endpoint], replacing [region-based endpoint] with the server for your local Personalization Admin region, such as us-east-1, eu-central-1, or ap-southeast-2.

Keys and access information

Acquia will provide you with your keys after you subscribe to Omnichannel.

Users with the following permissions can view credentials and access information:

  • Experience Builder Admin

  • Profiles API Goals

  • Profiles API Segments

If a user has one of the previous permissions, complete the following steps to view access information:

  1. Sign in to the Personalization interface.

  2. Click the Admin tab.

  3. Click the Manage customers link.

Personalization will display the Customer information page, which includes your key information. In most circumstances, the page will display only a single result—your own customer subscription. If more than one website is displayed, click the Account ID of the desired subscription.

Sample Profiles API methods

Here are some examples of the methods provided in the Profiles API:

API call



Accepts captures and returns segments matched by the captures


Import one or more events for a person into Personalization


Create or delete individual event types


Export visitor data from Personalization as files


Report on the status of an export process initiated by export_visitor_data


Obtain information about goals in Personalization


Obtain information about segments in Personalization


Return visitor data for a single person from Personalization

API call format

Use the following URL structure when you send commands to the Profiles API:

{region-based endpoint}/{account_id}/{command}


  • {region-based endpoint} is the API server URL of the Personalization Admin. This information may be provided to you with your keys, and is available from your Insight page. This varies based on your assigned API server.

  • {account_id} is your customer account ID.

  • {command} is the operation that you want to complete.

The API service request uses an HMAC-SHA256 message hash, with the following required request header for its authorization:

Authorization : HMAC {access_key_id}:{signature}


  • {access_key_id} is an access key string that is used to select the corresponding secret access key.

  • {signature} is an HMAC-SHA256 hash of the canonical representation of the request, using the secret access key. Accept, Host, User-Agent, and sorted query string are used as the payload to calculate HMAC signature.