Viewing a visitor’s profile summary

From the Personalize > People > Person Detail > Profile Details page, the panel on the left displays profile summary information for the visitor.

The profile summary includes the following information:

  • Status: Whether the visitor is an Anonymous User or Identified User of the website. Identified users have provided identifiers (such as an email address or Facebook ID) to your website. Anonymous users haven’t provided any identifiers to your website.

  • Tracking ID: Each visitor is assigned a unique tracking ID which is stored in a cookie when they visit your website, so their activity can be recorded.

  • Identifiers: If the visitor is an identified user, the field displays their identifiers, which are used to identify and track visitors to your website (such as account IDs, tracking IDs, or other pieces of trackable identity information). If the visitor is an anonymous user, Personalization doesn’t display the field, because anonymous users don’t have any identifiers. For both a list of the default identifiers, and how to create custom identifiers, see Updating your customer details.

  • Persona: You can assign one or more personas to each item of content on your website. The field displays the persona the visitor viewed most frequently. For example, if the visitor viewed one piece of content tagged with the persona Foodie and three pieces of content tagged with the persona of Hiker, the field will display the Hiker persona.


    If Personalization doesn’t yet have enough information about the visitor to assign them a persona, the Persona field won’t display.

  • Engagement Score: Indicates the visitor’s depth of interaction with your website. The field displays the sum of all the engagement scores for the visitor’s events across all your subscriber websites in the past 90 days. For more information, see Understanding engagement scores in Personalization.

  • Last Seen: The time of the visitor’s last action on your website, measured in hours.

  • First Seen: The time of the visitor’s first action on your website, measured in hours.

More information

For more information about this visitor’s behavior and activities on your website, see Examining visitor information.