Viewing the Profile Details tab

Clicking the Profile details tab causes Personalization to display more information about the visitor, including the following:

  • First Time Visitor: Indicates whether the visitor has visited the website before

  • Subscriber Status: Indicates the visitor either has subscribed to the website or to a publication connected with the website

  • Anonymous Visitor: Visitors who haven’t been identified by Personalization are anonymous visitors (identification can occur when signing in, subscribing to a newsletter, or sharing an item socially). Anonymous visitors are indicated with True, and identified users have a value of False.

  • Do Not Track: If a visitor has asked that their activity not be tracked on your website (for example, if the visitor has filled in a form asking not to be tracked) this value will be True; otherwise, it will be False.

  • Favorite content type: The content type for which the visitor has viewed the most pieces of content

More information

For more information about visitor behavior and activities on your website, see Examining visitor information.