Adding a new site

To add a new site to Personalization:

  1. Sign in to Personalization as an administrator.

  2. Click Personalize > Sites > Add new site.

    The Create a new site page displays.

  3. In the Site Details section, enter the following details:

    • Name: This name displays through the product.

    • Site ID: This becomes the machine name, and can’t be changed after site creation.

    • URL: The website URL.

  4. Click Create to save the new site.

To the side of the site creation text boxes is the Drupal Site Configuration information. The details specific to the Acquia Personalization Module are:

  • Region: The region in which your Personalization account is based.

  • API Key: The access key for Personalization.

  • Secret Key: The secret key for Personalization.

  • Account ID: Your Personalization account ID.

  • Site ID: The current Site ID. This value will only appear once the form is saved

    and your site is created.