Reviewing the site details

When you click the View pages link, the site details page displays, which includes your website’s site name at the top of the page. The site details page helps you drill down into the specific details of all your personalizations for each page in your website.

Additional details available for your websites include the following items:

  • Page name: The URL of the page (Sortable, click to view details)

  • Number of campaigns: The number of active campaigns on the page (Sortable)

  • Number of slots: The number of slots available on the page (Sortable)

  • Actions: Click View Details to see more details

Use the Search text box to find pages by the URL matching that pattern.

Viewing more details

When you click the Page name or the View Details link, a side panel displays.

The side panel contains the following information:

  • The panel title, which is the Page name previously clicked.

  • A Slot, with its name

  • A Campaign name

  • The Segment the campaign targets

When a page has more than one slot, each slot lists sequentially. If more than one campaign uses a slot, each campaign rule displays, grouped by the slot.

The number of slots on the page may not match the number of slots in use. A page can have four slots available, but display three slots in the panel if there are only campaigns for those three slots.