Understanding Explore From Here for standard reports

In Personalization, each pre-built or standard report contains an Explore from Here section that enables you to make basic changes to the analytics of a report. Depending on the report, the analytics options for the Explore From Here section are limited. Pre-computed reports are faster to run, but will have limited options for customizations in this section.

Accessing Explore From Here

To access the Explore From Here section for Personalization standard reports:

  1. Sign in to Personalization and in the top menu, click Analyze.

  2. Select the category in which your report appears.

  3. After running the report, from the table, click the icon and select Explore From Here from the menu. Alternately, you can click the name of the table which opens the Explore page.

Explore From Here sections

Standard reports in Personalization include 5 distinct types of Explore From Here sections depending on the report. The following sections include:


The Profiles section in Explore From Here is the same as the Profiles section in Analyze Explore for custom reports and includes the same fields, dimensions and measures.

The following standard reports connect to the Profiles section:


In Explore From Here, dimensions and measures in the Touches section are the same as in the Profiles section. The main difference is the Explore From Here section is optimized for queries using dimensions and measures for touches, instead of optimizing for an event or person. These queries will run slightly faster than building the same report from the Profiles section.

The following standard reports connect to the Touches section:


Since customization options are limited for the PDT and Monthly Stats report sections in Explore From Here, Personalization subscribers won’t use these sections often.

PDT (Persistent Derived Table)

The PDT section in Explore From Here includes the option to add the Customer Site field and to change the Visualization type only. Since the standard reports that connect to the PDT section are pre-computed, changes to this section are limited.

For more information about Persistent Derived Tables, see Modifying your filters.

The following standard reports connect to the PDT section:

Monthly Stats

The Monthly Stats section in Explore From Here is pre-computed which limits customization options.


Acquia doesn’t recommend deleting filters or filtering for more than one value in the Monthly Stats section which will interfere with the underlying logic for the reports in Explore From Here.

The following standard reports connect to the Monthly Stats section:

Campaign Events Only

The Campaign Events Only section in Explore From Here displays the same as the Analytics Explore section for custom reports. For faster results, the data computed for this section is related only to events connected to a campaign such as a Decision, Goal, or Click-Through.

The following standard reports connect to the Campaign Events Only section: