Viewing the Operational dashboard

The Operational dashboard contains several reports which, when viewed together, provide you an overview of visitors’ activities on your website.

The dashboard contains the following 5 reports:

  • People: Number of visitors to your website per day, displayed as a timeline in the form of a line graph

  • Touches: Number of touches your website visitors performed per day, displayed as a timeline in the form of a line graph

  • Events: Number of unique events per day, displayed in a timeline in the form of a line graph

  • Events by event name: Number of events per day, organized by event name and displayed as a table

  • Touches by channel type: Number of touches per day, organized by the channels from which the data was provided (for example, Web for data coming from your website or API for data passed through an API) and displayed as a bar graph

The Operational dashboard also contains the following filtering option list:

  • Customer Site: Allows you to enter the customer site for which you want to search

  • Date: Allows you to enter a number that signifies your selected date range or time period

  • Event Name: Allows you to enter the event name for which you want to search


You cannot filter the reports on the Operational dashboards to display different data. You can access versions of those reports that allow data filtering by clicking the names of the reports in the left sidebar.

Explore From Here

To view basic analytics information, from any of the 5 report sections in the table, click the icon and select Explore From Here from the menu.

Alternately, you can click the name of each report in the table which opens the Explore page and displays the Profiles section for the Operational report.

For more information, see Understanding Explore From Here for standard reports.

Detailed reporting information

To learn about the other reports in the Analytics tab, see Viewing reports in Personalization.