People by segment detail report

Personalization includes the People by segment detail report that displays the number of unique people by segment defaulted to the past 30 days, optionally filtered by event name.

This report is pre-run for speed and backed by a Persistent Derived Table (PDT). For more information about PDTs, see Modifying your filters.

Running the report

To run the report:

  1. Sign into Personalization and in the top menu, click Analyze. The Analytics View page opens.

  2. Click People to expand the list of available reports.

  3. Click People by segment to display the report’s filter settings.

    By default, the People by segment report is pre-configured with the following filters and settings:

    • Customer Site is All Sites

    • Date is Past 30 Days

    • Event Name is All Events

  4. To compile the report with the default filter settings, click Run.

To change filter settings, see Configuring report filters in Personalization.

Explore From Here

To view basic analytics information, from the report section in the table, click the icon and select Explore From Here from the menu.

Alternately, you can click People by Segment in the table. Both options open the Explore page and display the PDT (Persistent Derived Table) section for the People by Segment report.

For more information, see Understanding Explore From Here for standard reports.