Using Google Tag Manager with Personalization

When using Personalization, you can use Google Tag Manager to instrument events, which can both provide more understanding, and a better customized experience for your users.


The Personalization Google Tag Manager template was developed in partnership with Bounteous.

Acquia provides a pre-built custom template within the Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery to track events and pass visitor information into Personalization from Google Tag Manager.

Use the following instructions to add the Personalization custom template into your Google Tag Manager workspace.

Importing the Personalization custom template

Import the Personalization Capture custom template from the Google Tag Manager Community Template gallery.

  1. Sign in to the Google Tag Manager interface.

  2. Click the Templates tab in the left side navigation bar.

  3. Click the Search Gallery button in the Tag Templates slot.

  4. In the search box, enter Acquia Personalization Capture.

  5. Select the Acquia Personalization Capture template, and then click Add to workspace.

  6. Agree to the permissions required by the custom template.

If successful, the template should be available for use in the Tag Templates section. You can capture event and visitor data in Personalization.