Uploading import files to Personalization

This feature is available to Personalization Omnichannel subscribers.

Based on the data it receives, Personalization can help you to understand who your visitors are and what they’re interested in, and then provide your visitors with information about their interests. The information is sent to Personalization as capture events from websites. What if you have data about your visitors from other sources, such as your CRM system?

When you subscribe to the Omnichannel, you can export information from other data sources and then structure the information into an upload file Personalization can accept. After you do this, you can import the file into Personalization for use with data you’re collecting from your website, enriching your view of your visitors.

File uploads have the following limitations:

  • Imports process every 15 minutes, at 0, 15, 30, and 45 minutes after the hour.

  • File upload size limit is 1 GB

  • Each file uploaded must use a unique name

  • May take up to 24 hours for complete import of data

Uploading a file

After you have created an import file with your information, select one of the following methods to upload the file to Personalization:

  • Upload files using the Personalization interface

    To upload your import file using the Personalization interface, complete the following steps:

    1. Sign in to Personalization as an administrator, and then click the Configure tab.

    2. Click the Import link.

    3. Click Upload file.

    4. Use the dialog box to select the import file from your local computer, and then click OK.

  • Upload files directly to Amazon S3

    To upload one or more files to Personalization using the Amazon S3 bucket associated with your account, complete the uploading steps described in Amazon S3 file management with Personalization.

    If you need help with accessing your S3 bucket or path, contact Acquia Support.

Personalization uploads the lists as a file, with a File name, Status, and Creation time. Click the file name to access the Personalization file import reference.

After starting the file upload process, one of two status indicators displays:

  • Loading: Personalization is processing the file.

  • Loaded: The file has processed. Data may take up to 12 hours in to display in the system.

Use the search feature to find prior uploaded files.