Site Studio


Site Studio redefines what it takes to create beautiful websites.

Site Studio is a low-code, Drupal add-on available for Acquia subscribers that is more inclusive, collaborative, and agile; speeding up build times by as much as 4x. It empowers non-developers in marketing or other departments to be 100 percent brand compliant.

Designers with little coding knowledge can create unique layouts with the intuitive drag and drop Layout Canvas. Not limited to built-in styles, watch your designs come to life in the visual CSS Style Builder. Site Studio allows you to take full advantage of all CSS properties and selectors, and lets you preview responsive layouts in various device aspect ratios (such as a laptop, phone, or tablet).

Traditional enterprise-grade websites are created with teams of people in software, design, and digital marketing with marketing usually waiting until the end before they can start contributing content. Site Studio gives marketers and content writers controlled access to make direct updates and edits to both content and layouts. Need to swap the image with the text box? No problem. Your marketers can do it in seconds. The visual interface and in-context editor lets writers edit content directly on a live website.

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