Acquia CMS administrative interface

After you install a site using Acquia CMS as the install profile, the administrative menu provides access to all administrative areas of the site. The menus visible to you depend on your view permissions. You can click Manage to view the menus.

CMS Manage

The following table lists the menus on the administrative interface:

Menu Description
Content Create new content. List and manage the existing content.
Structure Manage structural elements of the site, such as block layout, content types, menus, display modes, media types, views, and taxonomy.
Site Studio Manage site configuration, website settings, styles, templates, style guides, and sync packages.
Appearance Manage themes and appearance-related settings.
Extend Manage the installation and uninstallation of modules.
Configuration Access settings pages for various site features.
People Manage users, roles, and permissions.
Reports Access logs related to site updates, search, and other information about the site’s status.
Tour Provides guidance on how to perform common tasks in Acquia CMS.
Environment Indicator The colored bar across the top of the administrative menu indicates the environment you are in (development, staging, or production).
Responsive Preview Emulate how your site will look on different screen sizes.

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